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Boxing shows up in krav maga. In krav maga you will learn the uppercut, hook, and jab... I think that boxing in the ring is a sport, but you can certainly apply boxing to self defense.

As for BJJ...

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has its origins in Judo, however the training is out right dangerous to ones health. It might give a few years where a practitioners conditioning is good, but shortly thereafter, neurological problems; very much like what happens in the NFL, may start to show up.

Even you are not fighting in a ring, even if you do not compete at all, you can absolutely destroy your joints, your hearing, your brain with that style training. Blown out knees, screwy ankles, spinal problems, cauliflower ear... I have seen these happen to people first hand.

BJJ might be todays, "new cool school of fighting," but old school Judo can be just as effective for self defense, is far more spiritual, and can improve body conditioning to old age.
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