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I have been bow hunting for whitetails for nearly 25 years in Iowa, a state with a great deer population and many great bucks. My biggest is a 152 5/8ths 10 point. I agree with most of the advice offered in this thread. I definitely prefer a wrist strap trigger release for hunting for a couple of reasons: when the release is strapped on my wrist there is no chance of dropping it; weather conditions are quite variable making it more difficult to make consistently accurate shots with a hand-held thumb trigger 3 or 4 finger release (although they are more accurate for target shooting in comfortable conditions). I started with a Hoyt bow and have bought three Mathews bows over the years (I still have all four bows). I prefer NAP broadheads and have used the Hellrazor for the last few years. I hunt using hang-on treestands - I have about 20 of them. I practice shooting up to 30 to 40 yards but never shoot at a deer beyond 20 yards. Observing deer behavior while bow hunting is a terrific experience. I live in a suburb with a "troublesome" deer population. Bow hunting is allowed in limited areas for does and, I believe, a buck license is available for one lucky hunter every year. I have had deer in my yard within 3 feet of the house. The deer eat our plants. I have watched two bucks fighting about 15 yards behind my house while a big 10 point waited to take on the winner. And I have seen deer walk through our yard during the day many times. My grandchildren love to watch the deer behind our home.
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