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Very highly recommended! I have taken several of John's
courses over the years, most all of which involved
Dennis Tueller's participation as co-instructor.
The course will be held at the F.A.R.M. facility not
far from Cedar Fort, a well-equipped range.
The most recent course I took from him (Sept 1999),
he used a rotating metal target that was useful in
establishing trigger control, aiming, and
timing (ie, when to shoot).
For one particular drill, he might have everyone
put their weapons on a table, loaded, with extra mag
or speed-loader, then when your turn to shoot comes up,
will point to a weapon which you are to use in the drill.
Take (and use) sunscreen.
Take lots of ammo, and a backup handgun.
Eye & hearing protection are mandatory.
That weekend was already pre-committed,
or I would have already been enrolled in the course.
Bob Westover
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