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Gun Buy backs

Ridgefield had a gun buy back a few months ago. The police said to put your guns in the trunk and drive over to the town garage. First if you do not have a carry permit you can not transport a handgun in your car or for that matter take it out of your home as i ws told. Also the new State law requires transfer paper work for all gun transfers and i have read the law and have not found anything that exempts the Police from this paper work! Is gun buy backs legal?? And also can a person like me do the Boy Scout merit badge shooting tests. The law says i can not transfer ammo to anyone under 18 or anyone not having proper paper work. ASlso can i sell AMMO to out of state customers at the range with an out of state carry permit. There seems to be a great deal of confusion. Everytime i ask weapons there story is different depending on who you talk with. Thank you if you can answer this i would appreciate it!
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