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We are talking about Eurpoe here... remember a few months back when some couple found a few hundred rounds of leftover WWI ammo in their backyard pond... the husband had a bunch of quotes about how scared they were, as in genuinely fearful that their of their lives were in danger over the stuff.
They were genuinely in danger [of being sent to prison].
In several European countries, mere possession is a serious crime.
Simply touching munitions dug up in your garden can result in 10+ year prison sentences, as shown by the poor elderly lady sentenced to 10 years for moving 3 WWI or WWII cartridges from her garden to her doorstep, a couple years ago. (They "gave her a break", by not making it 10 years per cartridge, IIRC.)
She still called the Bobbies. She still knew not to mess with them. She only moved them, to make sure no children played with the cartridges. ...and they still sent her to prison.

A lot of the people are not afraid of the munitions. They're afraid the terrible ways in which the local PD can respond.
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