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Standard anti-gun hysteria... remember when DieHard2 came out the anti's were running around in froth-mouthed hysteria about "porcelin" Glocks being the modern weapon of choice for aircraft hijackers.

I'm not a criminal mastermind, but when I see 2 kids from Boston who already have guns manage to blow up half a block using pressure cooker bombs, my concerns about somebody going through the time and effort to make a 3D gun that might fire a few rounds before blowing their hand off and using it in a crime doesn't materialize... it's such a miniscule concern that any time and effort put into preventing such an incident takes resources away from detecting and preventing far more likely methods of "one time evil acts".

We are talking about Eurpoe here... remember a few months back when some couple found a few hundred rounds of leftover WWI ammo in their backyard pond... the husband had a bunch of quotes about how scared they were, as in genuinely fearful that their of their lives were in danger over the stuff.
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