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Good advise all!!

For a first bow, I would try to find a decent used bow first, just to see if you are planning to stick with it. The bow shops like to hack it to guys like me with my "antique". lol

I'm using a Golden Eagle, Hawk Carbine. Bought it new in early 90's I guess. Got a new sight, and rest for it this year, and turned it from 70# to 60#. Through the chrono doing 242fps.

My buddy has a much newer PSE that is shooting 306fps, but with a 70# pull. He also spent wayyyy more money than I did. lol

This is my daughters first year with a bow. She just traded her Weatherby Vangard in on a Bowtech Infinite Edge. She is doing 45# pull, and going 215fps. She loves to shoot the videos!! And gives the old man a run for the money at 30, and 40 yards.
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