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I just posted in another thread this report from the state of Texas that put an average 4.5+ year old buck at 105 pounds field-dressed. That's going to be no more than about 50 or 60 pounds of meat, tops.
I know, I read it ..... and laughed at the "Hollywood Deer".....

Keep in mind deer that small are like veal.
I know this as well ...... 3 years ago we took 7 deer, 4 of them fawns ...... not only are they goooooood eating, shoting female fawns cuts down on the deer population much more than shooting bucks: well fed whitetail does can breed the same year they are born, and have twins.

The landowners where I hunt encourage hunting, as they have more deer in the bottoms than they care to have ..... car/deer interactions being one of the chief complaints.
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