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Some good advice has been given. One thing I might add, is it depends if you are planning on keeping your bow a while, and what distance you will be shooting. I started with a single cam PSE that I got new in 2001. It had a 60lb draw weight and was a perfect starter bow. With accessories, I don't think I had more that 350 in it. I shot that for 7 or 8 yrs.
A few years ago I upgraded to a mid level bow. It was a mission, and with accessories and half a dozen arrows, I had 800 in it. That was with pretty good accessories. I did go with a 70# simply because I am pretty stocky and have no trouble at all in pulling 70. I was really glad I did, because somewhere along the line I developed an addiction to long range shooting. I did a lot of shooting at 80 yards and even out to 100. I would feel quite comfortable taking a shot at 70 yards if conditions were good. By that I mean good lighting, relaxed deer,etc. I know some people would label me as a fool for that, but that's ok. I know what I can do. Also where I hunt, there are a lot of fields with drainage ditches running through. So a 50-70 yard shot is quite possible. With a 70 pound bow, I know I can take a deer cleanly at that distance. But I would not advise you to try that before you have a lot of practice shots at closer ranges.Just my $.02
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