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I suppose if you figure it "per pound" then hunting isn't cost effective. It can be, but it probably isn't.

I'm retired. What else would I spend my money on. I could go on a cruse, but that doesn't interest me. Could go to the VFW and play bingo one night a week, that's not cost effective either. I don't drink so setting in a bar isn't for me.

I could go camping in the mountains, yeah that would work, I love that. I do it whether is hunting season or not. Might as well see if I can pick up an elk while I'm up there. Of course 400 lbs meat is expense. What $3 a lb in the store. That 400 lbs of elk actually helps pay for my camping trips.

But I could make hunting cost effective if I stuck to deer. I can load cast bullets in one of my rifles and shoot one in the back yard. $35 for the tag, $20 if its just a doe tag, 2o cents for the ammo. I butcher my self so another 5 bucks for rapping paper.

But what would I do the rest of the year. Set around and twittle my thumbs.

There is more to hunting then the killing of game. Just setting around the camp fire is worth the price to me.

It's like my last moose hunt when I was in Alaska, I spent a week on a river bank watching a beaver build a damn on a little slough. One of the best hunting trips I ever had.

Before my granddaughter became a teenager and got into boys, she use to go hunting with my.

Having the only snowman in elk camp is worth much more then the elk you kill.

When glassing for elk on a hill side, nothing beats getting wacked in the back of the head with a snowball because she's bored. Worth more then the price of the meat to me.

And then there is stopping to build a fire and have some little girls feet tucked under your shirt so you can warm them up while she drinks hot chocolate.

I guess I'm different, to me the cost of hunting is cheap at twice the price.
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