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Originally Posted by jimbob86
30 lbs of meat?
t, are you killing jackalopes and thinking they are deer?
30 pounds of meat wouldn't be all that unusual, depending on the area.

I just posted in another thread this report from the state of Texas that put an average 4.5+ year old buck at 105 pounds field-dressed. That's going to be no more than about 50 or 60 pounds of meat, tops.

In other places, even up here in NY where an average 2.5yr old doe is about 105 pounds, shooting a yearling or this years fawn can easily yield under 50 pounds.

2 years ago I shot the smallest deer I've ever seen during the season. Turned out to be that years fawn with some sort of jaw defect. I literally picked it up and carried it back to camp, guts and all. No way was it over 50 pounds. We got 18 pounds of meat.
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