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#1) Most Important Thing:


You do not need a 70# bow to kill a deer, or an elk, or a moose.

Think about it. Folks hunted with 70# bows in 1985 and shot 185fps, if they were lucky. Most bows of that era generated MAYBE 1/2 a ft-lb of energy for every pound of draw weight. That means a 70# bow would make 35 or 40 ft-lbs of energy. Today's 40# bows make that much, a 50# will make upwards of 60 ft-lbs depending on the model.

I don't care how much you can or can't draw. A 50# bow is MORE than enough.

#2) If you want to shoot really well.

Find a local shop pro and ask them to teach you "back tension" shooting. If they don't know what it is or tell you you don't need it, go somewhere else.

At the very least, if you don't want to learn back tension, remember the name so you'll know what it is when you need it later.

#3)Buy a thumb release, not a trigger. Stanislawski Shoot-Off is one of the best. Preferably shoot it with back tension. At the least, it's better than a trigger even if you don't use back tension.

#4)The most accurate archery system ever produced, on average, is the Hybrid system patented by Darton. Most folks have never heard of Darton and know the system as "Cam and a 1/2" because, in today's world, their system is used by several other companies, most notably Hoyt and PSE. Possibly the most accurate bow in the world today is the PSE Money Maker with the hybrid cam.

Frankly though, you have to be almost a world-class shooter to know the difference.

Here's a key point.... Everybody's good shots turn out good. You want a system that forgives you for less than good shots. You know you have a good set-up when your less than good shots are better than they should be.

That means relatively long brace height (6 1/2 minimum) and a forgiving cam system, which means hybrid.

Long story short... a 40-50# PSE Money Maker would be an excellent choice. I can tell you more but I'll leave it at that for now.
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