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My biggest expense is gas- somewhere in the neghborhood of $200.

Tags for me and the kids ran close to $100 this year.

I bought and loaded 3 boxes of bullets (300 rounds) for practice and hunting ...... though if we did not hunt, I'm sure we'd shoot that much anyhow- we shoot more than that in the spring at Easter eggs and milk jugs.....

Food gets eaten and TP used whether we are at deer camp or not.

We process our own.

I need to weigh the cut and wrapped deer to figure out cost/lb.....

..... last year we filled the 12 cubic foot chest freezer 3/4 full of boneless (save the ribs) venison....... and that did not count the summer sausage (40 lbs) and several bags of jerky ....... we don't buy much beef.
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