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Well, some of those are rare and even never recurring costs. Particularly the Dr bill and scope. A good many of us pay $0 for processing too.

However, the point is certainly valid.

It's why the argument that this rule or another will "take meat off my table" is so silly.

I've figured it out several times myself. My biggest costs are ammunition (gun and bow) and fuel. Archery costs me at least $50 a year and gun is probably about $25-30 by the time I've sighted in and shot the animals. Fuel is much worse. I spend around $8 in gas for EVERY trip. Over the course of the season, that might be $160 or better. I honestly don't remember what my lease costs but I think it's $150 a year. Add it all up and I'm at least up to $400.

I typically shoot 3-5 deer a year. Each one yields 35-50 pounds of meat. At 50/deer I'm not doing to bad if I get 5 but some years it's more like 35 and 2 deer. That's 70 pounds of meat for $450.

The real kicker is that I give most of it away, so I probably eat maybe 10 pounds a year... costing me about $45/pound.
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