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Why do we keep doing this ?

I got to thinking about last years deer hunting, and put a pencil to it, and this is what I came up with.

My share of lease $250.00

Gas to and from lease (8 trips) $128.00

Misc expense (Food, T-paper, pop, ice, ect) $185.00

Ammo and Arrow cost $53.00

Processing fee (5 deer) $350.00

New Scope ( absolute necessity if you see Mrs. WBB) $500.00

Dr. Bill after turning ATV over on top of myself $360.00

Total was $1826.00 without figuring anything in for cost of weapons or clothing.

My meat yield was 198 lbs of eatable meat.

Thats $9.22 per pound.

Can anyone tell me why I'm so anxious to get back out there next week-end, and do it again ?
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