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"barring EDC, what do you other 1911 owners use your 1911 for?"

The 1911A1 was my issue weapon in the Marines so it is the operation I am most familiar with. One of my main "Go-To" handguns is a full sized Para-Ord which I built about 20 years ago when the only thing Para-Ordnance was selling was frame kits.

That said, the other guns on my "Go-To" list are :

1) Para-Ordnance Para-Carry
2) H&K USP
4) EAA Witness

All of these have frame mounted thumb safeties. When I carry any of them they have a round chambered, hammer cocked, with the safety up. So every gun I use does have the same manual of arms.

That being said I also have SAA's, DA revolvers, an XD, a Glock, and a bunch of other handguns with different operating systems. Maybe it is because I have a deep. innate mechanical sense that I never feel confused between them. Maybe it is just that each firearm feels different to me - the same way I don't feel confused between a Remy 870, AR, AK, FAL, lever action or bolt action rifle.
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