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DNS is quite correct. In the book, the hero - Hamilton Felix - almost has decided to give up carrying as he is sick of the macho 'politeness' gunfights.

He is convinced to keep carrying or he would have to be a deferential wussy to young studs. You could wear an armband which meant you did not engage in 'polite' gunfighting.

The society itself was a genetically stratified tyranny. Not very pleasant. Hamilton was seen as not being a good citizen as he was high quality genetically and didn't breed. He finally hooked up with a rare female who carried - that was discouraged in general. Be the nice lady protected by your male as the norm. She was an experimental genetic type and their hook up was acceptable.

Felix did carry a 1911 as he disdain the ray guns. Young bucks he shot with it were shocked by the bleeding hole as compared to the neat cauterized wound of the blasters.
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