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The question was not about ‘SLAM FIRE!’ the question was about pulling the trigger (dropping the hammer) in the twilight zone, or betwixt and between cant and can.

First the M1 must be loaded, heal, thumb and then let go, by that time, the bolt is closed, I know, there are stories about ‘quek on the trigger’ but no one is that fast. Then there is pulling the trigger ‘rapidly’, still no one is that fast., and time remains a factor. Then there is that story about the firing pin hits the primer, the bullet, powder case and primer (as a bundle) is driven forward against the shoulder of the chamber ‘THEN!” the the primer is ‘busted off’. Again, time becomes a factor and it must be decided if the firing pin can drive the case, powder bullet and primer forward before the lugs can lock.

Has anyone ever weighed the firing pin, determined the speed of the bolt when closing to determine the knock down power of the firing pin? I have killer firing pins, they do not make a little bitty click when hit, My firing pins make the ‘CLICK!!! SOUND’.

It is possible to determine the dent-a-bility of primers, it is possible to compare then there is always cut and paste.

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