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Excellent topic.

As for myself, I have always been one to maintain awareness of what is around me. Now, since I carry every day, I find that I am even more conscious of this. The same is true for my willingness to get involved in confrontational situations. I have become even more careful - and always mindful of how the most minor event can escalate. Finally, as part of my heightened sense of responsibility while carrying, I am always careful to leave myself an out - an escape route, so to speak. I would never hesitate to back away or simply leave the area, in order to avoid a situation that might escalate.

I'll do virtually anything to avoid having to shoot someone. If it ever came to that (and I saw no way out), I'd do it - but if I can absolutely avoid it, I will. I am proud of the fact that I don't have my ego wrapped up in it.

IMO, the WORST thing that CC can do for a person is to make them "cocky". Cocky and carrying a weapon DO NOT mix well, ever.
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