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I shot my first 454 redhawk the other day,no thanks, they dropped the ball on this one, it,s painful. I read the other day some dude talking about how pleasant it was to shoot. He was either shooting light loads or he is a liar. I,ve been shooting 44,s of every breed for over 30 years now with everything you can stoke in them, some probably not safe, so I am not a recoil shy person. I have not deer hunted with anything but a handgun in 12 years, and I tell you that put new life in hunting deer for me, I love it. 2 years ago I bought a raging bull 454,8-3/8, taurus mounts, burris scope, the recoil is not much more than some of the non ported 44,s. Ruger has never gave any thought to shooter comfort in their 44,s. I,m not knocking ruger as I have 5 of their 77 rifles, they make a fine gun. Taurus did their homework with the grips and porting, and mine will shoot 1 inch groups all day with 260 winchester partition gold from sandbags. I promise you ruger will not sell many 454,s until they make some changes.
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