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Who is MAX? Ive never met a MAX there. There is MIKE a retired LEO,ADAM an ARMY SNIPER who has worked with the "mossad", ROMMEL who is very nice to me and there is a new guy "jeff" i think his name is.

I had a bad experience but i went back because they have that bargain bin of used hosters and battle belts etc.
I found so many like new Galco,Don hume and Bianchi leather holsters in there for $8-$10!

I still prefer my member ship at Volusia gun club but when its raining outside,there is no other alternative if i have a comp coming up and i need to practice. There is only so much dry firing i can do,when i get the itch,i gotta scratch it.

On another note,ive been going to every gun store in volusia:
Is it me or are used .38super revolvers impossible to find around here?
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