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Something one of the instructors in my CCW class said that I will never forget was, "Getting your CPL should make you a nicer person." And that is generally true. And it doesn't matter if you are carrying. The class taught more about interactions in negative situations and their consequences (physical, emotional, and legal); how avoidance is often times better than confrontation.

And let's face it, when we got our licenses, we signed up to obey a rather strict set of rules (i.e. laws). In Michigan, there are so many things that can get your license taken away or suspended. And none of us here want to have that happen so we, like the OP, are often hyper-aware of anything that could lead to that.

Another thing getting my license has changed in me is situational awareness. It is more of a psychological thing really, but extremely important, especially when wanting to avoid confrontation and be better prepared for it.

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