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There is definitely a technique with a scoop!
Here's how I learned to do it as its more subtle than "Ram the spoon through the sugar bowl".

I pass the scoop fully & deeply into the powder turning it so its facing up when it breaks the surface. Then I gently tap the piled-high scoop vertically on the edge of the powder container til the scoop end up level. I find that a smallish (4~5 oz.) cap of some kind is much better than the original powder container as well. Something short & fat works best for me.

I practiced by scooping & then dumping into a powder scale till I got a working technique for consistent charge weights. If you're nervous about doing this with live powder as a friend of mine was we did it with corncob tumbler media till we got it down, then switched to powder for real to fine tune the trick of the trade.
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