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Life before CC vs. life after CC.

So here I am, a guy about to join the world of concealed carry. I'm not armed just yet. My wife and I plan to buy each other our first guns for Christmas (by the way, that's only 73 days away!). Anyway, as I was sitting at a red light behind one other vehicle, the light changed. Naturally the first car in line wasn't paying attention, so I lightly tapped my horn to let them know the light was green. You all know how that turned out. I got a glaring look in their rear view mirror and a finger out the window. Now, I tapped my horn as lightly as possible, not in a mean way at all, and that's what I got in return. As she (yes, she) drove away I thought to myself, "I won't even be able to do that once I start carrying since it could escalate into a situation". So my question to you folks is, how have you had to alter your behavior since you've been carrying? Avoiding situations is number one on the list, but that's got to be hard to do at first. Is it difficult to keep your ego in check? I'm non-confrontational by nature, but the horn-honk-finger thing has me wondering how much more laid back I'll have to be.
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