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The idea Glen is to make a revolver dedicated just to the .38 Super.

The cylinder and frame shorten to that cartridge.

The OAL of the .38 Special is around 1.445.

The OAL of a .38 Super is 1.280 (max).

The OAL of the old .38 S&W is 1.170.

Now if you have ever held a police positive in .38 S&W or a S&W Terrier you will notice how shorter the cylinder is compared to a .38 Special.

So imagine a S&W 'I frame in .38 Super but of modern metals so it can withstand the pressures of the .38 Super (or a top break like a Webley.)

That is what is envisioned. A very handy pocket pistol is a very serious round (even DPX 125s are available for the .38 Super.)

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