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Its better now.

Rommel at HOTSHOTS has made many changes,he is a great guy and has helped me with my competiton shooting by lending me gear,and allowing me to draw from holster at range. Strickland is awful and i dont know of any other indoor places around town.
Stop in HOTSHOTS and say Vinny referred you back there. Next time you go shoot me a P.M. And maybe we can meet up and i will introduce you to their NEW staff. The new guy is the one who timed my record and he is very friendly and helpful. Everyone there has great customer service. florida gun exchange and Topgun are both better on inventory just because they are bigger stores and deal in volume. However i found some real gems at HOTSHOTS for very cheap,they sold me a year ago ,their rental .44MAGNUM stainless S.B.H. for $300 out the door and it looked like brand new. I polished it with flitz and sold it on gunbroker for $500 after shooting it for over a year. They also sold me a nice .38special taurus model 38 for $100, both were extremely accurate and in great shape.
HOTSHOTS has a german GSG 1911 right now i was considering for my misses for $250 in box with extra mags,cleaning kit etc
They have KSGs,FALs and a few 30cal ARs priced right as well as they sell their rental Glocks for dirt cheap. I missed a Glock-17 for $300 the other day. I already own a 17c but for $300 it was a steal.

Let me know by PM if you go back there,try and beat my record while your there,i believe they have a "NO SIGHT" glock26 challenge same rules,time as the one i beat but you have to use their rental Glock26 with no sights,i missed it by 1second. Im going to try again when i get the chance

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