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JW- I have a Sightron 8-32 x 56 on my rifle now. Great scope. Clarity and Tracking are perfect. The Sightron straight 36 power seem's too be coming in with mixed reviews. Lot's of folks trading them in for the Weaver T36 and are saying they are glad they did. I had the chance to look down a 3 year old T36 today at the range. Clarity was good,not a wow,but good. The tracking is perfect on the T36 I am being told. Have not meet any one with a Sightron yet so no input other than what I have read on them. I myself after looking down the T36 am going to go that route I think. I am going to see if I can save enough money first all winter to get the Nightforce 15-55 Zero Stop first. A few guys at the range have them. That scope when I looked down it got a very big wow. Crystal clear and 600 yards looked like you could put your hand in front of your face and touch the target. I would rather have a adjustable than a straight power scope for mirage reasons only. Either one of the 2 scopes you are considering will be very good.
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