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Tahuunua001 is right. Trust me coming from owning the Hk. It is one of the best piston systems out there, but it isn't worth it to 99.9% of the buyers. Mine are sub MOA with good ammo and has less muzzle rise than most other AR's I have shot. It does come with downfalls. They are heavy and the recoil is straight back but a lot sharper than any DI gun I have ever shot. I love mine and they are the centerpieces of my AR collections. But I am the first to tell others to buy a decent DI gun rather than close to $3k for the MR556 or $5k for a 416 upper. Even though the Marines have adopted a version of the 416(M27 IAR) to replace ($23.6 million) worth of M249's . The grunts in the sand still use Colt and FN's. I have a feeling this will only change with a new platform, not a modified one.

I still tell people to buy a DD,Colt,PSA,LMT,LaRue.etc. it will be a much better rifle for the money.

Although I agree about precision and chrome linings. Nitriding and other coatings are showing their benefits. Chrome linings are made to sustain full auto fire and keep from damaging the barrel as bad. It has been the standard for decades and why fix it if it ain't broken. If a chrome lined barrel does the job, why replace it. The newer coating haven't proven their gruff to the military so they stick with what has would cost a lot of money to switch out the equipment that chrome lines to machines that use other coatings...
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