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in a military environment where everyone shoots the same load and spray and pray is more important than sub MOA accuracy, the piston AR is a great idea, to civilians, it is horrible.

This is what I was talking about in my first post on this thread. Seriously, what? Just because you write this stuff doesn't make it true. I get half inche groups at 100 yards all day long with almost anything I run through my Ruger piston AR. My gun shipped with the piston setting on #2 and I've NEVER played with it because the thousand plus rounds I've run through never required me to. I have a hard time not correcting BS and myths but maybe I should just ignore it? If people want to live with their heads in the sand thats ok with me...but you cant post false info on a message board and expect nobody to correct you. Piston systems are horrible?......are you joking around here??? LOL
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