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I agree, this one just lost all credibility.

a piston system is superior to a DI system, when both are used in designs built around each system. conversions from one to another is where this creates problems and that's exactly the case with every AR with a piston because this is a system built around a model instead of the other way around.

there is also the issue of GOOD piston systems VS BAD piston systems.
M1 garands have a PISTON SYSTEM and how many times a week is there a thread here describing why you CANT USE MODERN FACTORY AMMO IN THEM BECAUSE IT DAMAGES THE GAS SYSTEM!?

AKs and SKS are great with examples of rifles that were built around the gas system. they are not picky with ammo, they don't need adjustable gas systems and all ammo feeds in most of them.

the piston driven AR15 is a great example of a system that was built around a rifle and these ARE picky when it comes to ammo, are generally LESS accurate than DI equivalents, and many do require fine tuning the gas system each time you switch ammo types in order to function reliably.

in a military environment where everyone shoots the same load and spray and pray is more important than sub MOA accuracy, the piston AR is a great idea, to civilians, it is horrible.
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