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I don't believe I have a donut problem, at least not as it applies to ammo. All I did with the Body Die was to bump the shoulder of the previously loaded rounds back enough for it to chamber in the Tikka. Apparently the Tikka chamber is a bit tighter than the Ruger chamber was.

Ferriday, Louisiana...I don't remember mentioning that on the forum, but yes...I was born there. There's a scrap yard where the old hospital was, assuming that I was born in a hospital and not in that scrap yard. I have plenty of family there now, since I'm the only sibling that left Louisiana. I'm in Texas now and plan to stay here. It's a known fact that moving to Texas will immediately make a fellow taller and better looking - so I got here as fast as I could.

It was Bart that enlightened me on the fact that tough chambering of a round will lead to decreased accuracy. Naturally, I had to run some tests and prove it to myself, but yes...he was absolutely right. And when I closed the bolt on that 260 round and it was harder to chamber than the other rounds, I immediately wondered where the bullet would wind up. It was only about 1/8 of an inch out of the group, but still...
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