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Boy that's a lot of copying and pasting. Not sure what the point was but that's ok. Anyways what I said in my post at the begining has been proven. Not sure why but wow do the DI guys get their feathers ruffled when you point out how superior the gas piston system is. Nobody said the DI system isn't good, it's just that the gas piston system is better. It's a natural evolution of firearms. Everything I posted here is true, and I know you realize that. However, this is an internet forum so it'll be argued over, blown out of proportion, etc, etc. If you like your DI gun, keep it, if you like chrome lined barrels, keep yours and even buy another. These arguments have been going on since the piston guns were developed and will continue for quite some time I'm sure. Hey doesn't an AK have a gas piston?..I don't think they had chrome lined barrels either ...weren't they legendary for their reliability through steamy jungles to northern European artic / Eurasian regions? Let the arguing continue LOL.
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