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Originally Posted by Cheapshooter
Well JimmyR, rarely is It needed to evoke rule #2 but in this case.
Cheapshooter's rules of gun ownership #2 Every gun owner needs a 1911.
I know each has their own impression of how the classic old John Browning design feels. I shoot CZs Springer XDs, Rugers, KAHRs, S&W, Brownings, Walthers, Berettas, etc., all good in their own way. But nothing quite feels like a 1911.
I knew if I called you out by name, I'd get you into this conversation...

The guy that owns my LGS is of the same opinion, and to be honest so do I. I'm enjoying the gun, and probably gonna go spend some time at the range putting a few more rounds down it.

My CZ-75BD is my AEDC (almost every day carry), and the 1911 feels good in my hand. I have a feeling it may be time to put the 1911 and the Security Six in a face off for nightstand duty.
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