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The Body Die and the Lee Collet Die showed up this morning, so Saturday I'm going to use them both. First I'll use the Body Die to resize some of the previously loaded ammo that was for the old 260 by the smallest amount that will allow easy chambering. Then I'll shoot some of that resized ammo and hope that body sizing them didn't negatively affect neck runout. Then I'll resize some cases with the Lee Collet Die and see if I can determine any positive or negative accuracy change from use of that Die. Truth is that the rifle shoots well enough now that I really don't know if I will be able to really tell if accuracy improves. I'll be able to tell if the accuracy from the Lee die is worse, but from my use of that type die with the 223, accuracy should improve.

The rifle has so far shown itself to be accurate enough that the weak link in all of this is most likely going to be me. We shall see.
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