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OK, I'll bite:

Originally Posted by MJFlores
So they resist corrosion even though nobody is using corrosive ammo? HAHA..too funny.
Ummm, there are other kinds of corrosion that can affect a barrel. Do you honestly believe that the only way to corrode a barrel is by shooting corrosive ammo through it?
Originally Posted by MJFlores
but refrain from claiming they're superior to full steel barrels because that's simply not the case.
I never said they're superior; just like a DI gas system they have pluses and minuses.
Originally Posted by MJFlores
If they were better, they'd be on the line at Camp Perry every year.
There are other uses for rifles than just competition. Sure, if I'm at Camp Perry I want a stainless match barrel. But if I'm in adverse environments running a rifle hard, I want chrome lining. Yet again, it's not about which is superior, it's about what you're using it for. I love my stainless barrel AR, but I'm also not in the military anymore.

Originally Posted by MJFlores
By the way...can someone tell me one advantage that a gas system has over a piston?
Advantages of a DI gas system is lighter weight, fewer parts, much greater parts interchangeability, no carrier tilt, higher accuracy potential, quieter when suppressed, and slightly less muzzle climb under rapid or full-auto fire.

Disadvantages are that a DI runs hotter and dirtier; if I'm doing hours of rapid or full-auto fire with no chance to clean, then I might want a good piston setup.

Again - just like chrome lining- it's not a question about which is superior, it's a question about what you need it for.
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