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I have to agree with Quentin on this one and I love piston guns. The compatibility of parts is a big issue to me. I would trust a Ruger, but would rather put the money to a different brand. If I were hell bent on a piston gun I would rather pay $300 more and get the Sig 516. My advice is go buy a Colt or other brand mentioned and shoot the crap out of it. DI vs Piston is like comparing gas vs diesel vehicles. The DI platform is darn hard to beat with a good manufacturer. Are my HK's worth the thousands more, not to anyone but me. For that instance my RRA (24" Bull barrel) is just as reliable under normal conditions. I keep my rifles clean and lubed and have yet to have an issue from a gas system.

When I get my Sig, I will do a video review with it compared to my CMMG(my cheapest) and I can almost guarantee the Sig will not outshine it. But the heart wants what it wants. So only you can decide. Trust people like Quentin though, they have a lot of experience with the AR's. Mine was limited to a few years of an M4 and the ones I bought in the last 8 years or so. But I have seen an M4 run like a top using a bootlace with knots tied in it as a field cleaner and motor oil to lube the action.... If they will run that good full of sand and grit, they are all most will ever need.

Plus believe it or not, every piston AR I have shot has a sharper recoil. Usually less muzzle rise but that could be from the way the gas escapes or the extra two pounds of weight. Most commercial piston rifles have an awkward nose heavy feel.
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