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I agree with Fishbed77; there was a lot of misinformation in post #5.

Originally Posted by MJFlores
The piston system is superior to any gas system.
I get so tired of this myth; it's managed to convince many first-time AR buyers that they NEED a piston rifle to be ahead of the curve.

Here's the thing: Piston rifles are superior to DI in a few ways, and inferior in several other ways. The question is, what's important to you? For me, I prefer the DI gas system.

Originally Posted by MJFlores
Chrome lined barrels belong on shotguns, not rifles [...] A chrome lined barrel doesn't last any longer
Not true at all. Yes, chrome-lined barrels are slightly less accurate than stainless barrels, but they're more durable, easier to clean, and resist corrosion better (whether or not you're using corrosive ammo).

But there are now even better coatings than chrome lining. Nitrided barrels are more durable than chrome-lined barrels and don't have the slight accuracy loss, but the military still uses chrome lining so that's what everyone wants.
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