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While I like you am a huge Ruger fan, I would buy a Colt and let it be. I even own two piston guns, they are my favorite of my AR's. Piston guns are built for a very specific purpose. Some will say they fixed a non-existent problem. I believe a good piston gun improves upon a few things but they have their down falls. They are heavy and parts are not interchangeable. I own 6 AR's now. Unless you are going SBR suppressed then the Colt,BCM,PSA,DD,etc are a better choice. That being said my next AR will also be a piston gun, a Sig 516.

99% of all AR owners will have a benefit from a DI AR. The interchangeability of the parts is the main reason. Please do not think I am knocking piston guns, my HK's would be my first choice if I grabbed an AR. They are just usually more expensive,heavier, and for the average shooter not worth paying up over a good DI gun.

The Ruger is a great rifle and has a superb warranty I am not knocking it at all. If it is what you want, buy it. I just think any of the DI guns listed above will be just as good.
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