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Originally Posted by JimmyR
I guess my question is this: barring EDC, what do you other 1911 owners use your 1911 for?
Carry, home defense, range, competition.

As you may surmise from the above, I am primarily (almost exclusively) a 1911 guy. I own a couple of .22 handguns -- one is a Ruger Single Six Convertible six-shooter, another (drum roll, please) a 1911 built by me as a dedicated .22. I own a couple of .22 rifles and a mil-surp Mauser in 8mm.

Consequently, any problems I have regarding manual of arms is the opposite of yours. When I carry, it's a 1911, it's cocked, and the safety is on. The rules where I compete are that 1911s start in the holster, cocked and locked. So my competition trains me for the real world (which was supposed to be the purpose of so-called "practical" shooting competitions). For me, making a transition to a traditional DA/SA would be awkward (In fact, I've shot a couple when at the range with friends, and I canNOT adapt to the difference between the first and second shots).

For your situation, I would suggest selling the 1911 and buying another DA/SA pistol that you can carry and shoot using the manual of arms with which you are already comfortable.
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