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The Beretta Minx is the Model 950B or BS in .22 Short. Same gun
You learn something new every day.
Mine was the 950BS. I bought it because it was pretty (blued, with wood handles, and gold highlights), and before i was really into carrying. I do remember that it was remarkably accurate for such a little gun.
Once I started carrying on a regular basis I decided all the gold wasn't really to my taste, and .22 short was kind of a pain to find. So I sold it, to fund the purchase of something or other.
Only after selling it did I find out that it was the one gun my wife had actually liked shooting, and the only gun she's ever been upset that i sold. C'est la vie.

If I bump across another one at a reasonable price I'll probably buy it.

But, like I said. I kept it unchambered in a vest pocket without a holster with no ill effects.
For pants pockets I'd get some sort of a pocket holster.
Pocket holsters - at least the ones I've used - are built so they "stick" to the inside of your pocket. They keep your pistol secure, and in the same position so you don't need to worry about it getting stuck. I think you'd find it's easier to draw from a pocket holster than it is to draw from a pocket without a holster.
If you're planning on keeping in a pants pocket i'd definitely recommend you try one. They're generally cheap enough that it's not much of a risk anyway.
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