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Originally Posted by Cheapshooter
Range use IS a function!
Sorry, just don't get the "every gun has to have a S/D or H/D purpose" attitude.
I know, and I agree for the most part, but when it comes to the decision where I see something else that I might want to get, and have little money, but $450 worth of gun that I don't use that often, it's hard to justify it fiscally in my head.

Please understand, I have plenty of guns that are not SD/HD, but they all have some sort of sentimental value. I have an old pre Model 31 S&W Regulation Police and an Italian made Beretta Minx that i inherited from my father, that I will never sell unless my wife's wellbeing depends on it. I have my grandfather's old Ted Williams shotgun that, despite the fact that he was a "jerk" as the mods prefer me to say, I decided to hold onto for the familial ties.

What I am thinking at the moment is to change my nightstand lineup a little. I am thinking I may relegate the Sec Six to the safe, and eventually to a bug out bag- a 6" stainless 357 revolver would be three steps from perfect if I had to get out quick. Still pondering ideas, but it's working. :-)
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