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Yeah, groundhogs / woodchucks I recall different names for the same critter. I remember mine was ( I think ) a Remington 591. Would have been bought about 1970 making it 40+ years before it's time. I had a small scope and can only guess maybe a Weaver 4X. Just can't say. I had an agreement with farmers. Groundhogs could and would kill cherry or peach trees with their digging down into the roots. As a kid, I roamed the farmers land hunting these critters down. And in return, I was permitted to "trespass" as well as helping myself to pick apples, cherries, peaches, grapes, pears and so on. I remember one particular orchard hunt where I put down a quite large groundhog sitting up looking at me. That 5mm mag did the job with a powerful whack of authority. And at good distance. No ordinary 22 long rifle would have done that. I left the orchard and took a short walk through the woods on my way over to the next orchard. On the way, I encountered 5 deer. I stopped, turned and raised my rifle. I put the cross hair smack dab on one deer just standing there staring at me. I said to myself "you know, I could shoot you right now if I wanted to". Of course I did not fire, just observed through the scope. The deer and I went our different ways. Maybe about age 17 at the time. I really don't recall many details about buying, shooting, then selling this rifle. The small gun shop is still there now operated by the grandson. I sold it just prior to joining the Marines. I think the buying price new may have been in the low hundred dollar figure. No specific memory of buying shells.
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