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thread closer

Once upon a time, a western Ranger visited a Ranger buddy who worked in the deep south. As to be expected, they took a spin through the district.

A cotton tail ran across the road, and the southern Ranger commented it was a "swamper" and a big one at that. "Ha", says the western Ranger, "out west we have jack rabbits 3 times that size."

The southern fella says, ............. "Is that right?"

Little bit later, a fine whitetail buck crossed, and again, the host ranger commented it was a good deer and might make Pope & Young by fall. "You call that a deer?" spouted the guest from the west, "Why out in the Rockies we have mule deer, elk, moose that'd make that buck look dainty."

Southern fella says........... "Ya don't say?"

Finally, they got into a wet area and what was crawling across the road but a big ol' snapping turtle. The Ranger from the west had never seen one. "Whoa now, what the devil is that?" he blurted.

"Oh, that?" responds the southerner in his best tone so as to maintain hospitality and good manners, "Why that's a seed tick".
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