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Umm ya, rolling hills. Not trying to be jerk here, I'm just a western guy. I grew up in western MT, and have lived all over the west since.

The highest peak in potters co. is less than what like 2500 or 2600ft (asl)?

Currently, the valley floor i live on is about 4600ft (asl) the peak to our immediate west (rising straight from valley floor) is nearly 9000ft (asl) to the east (rising from valley floor the peaks are a little under that). Living in penn, a always laughed when people said mountain. Or ranch for that matter, a girl I lived next to said her family (in PA) had a ranch, 80 acres. My friends dad in high school leased 2000 acres so he could grow more alfalfa for his cattle.

Come to the west!! Of course being self sufficient is a necessity, there is no township or borough every 15 miles. Those who cannot cut it for themselves, generally don't cut it at all.

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