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I have a thing for 8mm Mausers.
I have a sporterized K98 Mauser in the original 8x57. It's a rough equivalent to the .30-06 and handloading can make it superior to the '06 in some ways IMO.
It is the big dog of my rifle collection. (My .35 rem fires the largest diameter bullet, but has a much smaller case)

I have never seen the need for anything larger than that where I live. The biggest thing I will ever encounter is a black bear, if I'm lucky it might weigh 500 pounds at the absolute max. But I have a few local friends hunting the same woods as me with .300 win mag, .300 RUM, .338 Lapua, and I just can't understand. Maybe they are trying to compensate for something?

With the proper bullet (partition, TSX, etc.) I wouldn't feel undergunned black bear hunting with the "lowly" .243 win. But many people would consider that a "stunt"
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