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Originally Posted by tahoe2
I mostly shoot old rounds like 7mm & 8mm Mausers, 300 Savage, 30-30 Win etc... because my type of hunting doesn't require any more than that.
Thick, Coastal woods of Western Washington with the occasional 200-300 yard clesrcuts, plus I don't care for all that recoil of the fire & brimstone rounds. I'm not knocking magnums, they certainly have their place, just not for me.
This is just it. We shoot/hunt for pleasure, so why not do what makes you happy? I have a thing for 8mm Mausers. In fact, I have a sporterized WWII Mauser and a modern Remington 700 for the same purpose. Can't buy premium ammo at mom and pop stores, but I don't care. I like having something different, and making a little extra effort to sustain my favorite hunting caliber is part of the adventure.

My cousin has hunted 10X more than me over his lifetime (very serious hunter) and when we were kids, I remember how we were so anxious to be allowed my our parents to carry the more Manly calibers like 30-06 (funny how that used to be the Big Dog for deer, but is merely an Old Dog to some now..). He always comes back to the .243, that's his thing. Gentle recoil, adequate power and very flat shooting within deer hunting ranges. The nostalgia effect for him is a bonus since his .243 was given to him by his mother so many years ago...
Mauser Werke, Schmidt-Rubin, Colt, Walther, HK, Weatherby, Browning, Ruger, Beretta, Savage, Bushmaster, Marlin, Mossberg, Remington, PTR, Saiga, S&W, Sig Sauer....a few friends of mine
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