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For info sake, once the 45 or 50 loaded rounds are bumped sufficiently to chamber in the new 260, the plan is to begin using a Lee Collet Die from then on. I'll use the body die again when cases begin to be hard to chamber in the rifle. That said, it remains to be seen if the Lee Collet die will help the rifle shoot any better than it does with the standard Hornady dies. I think that the rifle is accurate enough that any improvement in accuracy will be tough for me to determine. I think the potential of the rifle exceeds my ability to shoot, and I'm a pretty good shot.

The rifle in question is a brand new stainless Tikka T3 with a 20 inch #4 contour Brux barrel, and it is truly a great shooter. This afternoon I took it to the bench and shot it a bit. The first group of the day, including the fouler, went into about 1/2 inch or maybe 5/8 inch. This is my new deer, pig, coyote rifle. I'm happy.
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