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JW, you don't need a scope with optics so good and expensive you can see a gnat crawling on a 600-yard FTR target. All you need is enough quality to put the reticule in the center of the bullseye.

Weaver T Series scopes have never had the best optics, but their adjustment mechanics for accuracy and repeatability have seldom been equalled.

With whatever scope you get, anchor it in a solid vise or something that lets it aim at something at least 100 yards away. Or, borrow an optical collimator to put in the rifle's muzzle. Then focus its reticule on a tiny object, move an adjustment off one direction two clicks. Then move the adjustment back two clicks. The reticule better go back to where it started from. If it doesn't, send it back for warranty fixing or replacement. Do the test again with the new one and if it has the same problem, get a refund and find something else. Best test there is for accuracy and repeatability on this planet and you don't have to shoot any ammo doing it.
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