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Lee Loader problem - can any fans of it help?

So I was busy loading up some .303 British the other night, getting rid of the last couple dozen of a projectile I won't be needing any more as plinking ammo, and a curious thing happened. I was pretty sure all the case necks were good - and I had one more look at each one as I dumped the powder charge in - but when I seated the bullets, I had two of them get caught up by the base of the bullet. A little bit of the case neck got turned in.

I haven't had this happen before and I've loaded about eighty rounds with the Loader so far, including flat-base bullets. (I've also loaded quite a few hundred with standard dies and a single-stage press, FWIW, and no issues.) Is this something I can expect to happen with flat-base projectiles from time to time, or was I doing something wrong, or did I just happen to miss the case-mouth irregularities?

The cases in question had all been FL resized because I'd previously fired them in a different rifle. They had not yet been fired in my current .303 British chamber. I had loaded several rounds already before the incidents occurred, and had set things up to seat to the cannelure.

Needless to say, the inertia bullet puller came out and the dodgy rounds were disassembled as soon as the screwups happened. It took quite a bit of effort to get the bullets out, which perhaps was an indicator as to what might have happened if I'd tried to fire them. The damaged cases will be loaded and fired at the range to discharge the primers, and then put in the pile of shame as learning experiences.
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