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Handgun Function

I'm another guy who prefers that everything have a job. Each of my 3 firearms serves a specific purpose, and get a lot of use.

- 19 for EDC, HD. It's always loaded.

- PX4 for dry fire and shooting in DA to continue working trigger press. This gets used multiple times each week.

- 23 as a trainer, spare carry weapon in case anything happens to the 19, and trail gun. I use it for draw practice multiple times each week.

I know a lot of people like to have a variety of handguns to shoot, but I actually get the most satisfaction out of shooting well with my carry weapon. It may just be that I have already fired most popular service weapons and then some, but I don't get as excited about hardware as I used to. Nowadays, my excitement is all about improving software. I'm trying to get my one handed draw and first shot from concealment consistently under 1.5 seconds, working on seeing the front sight dance through recoil, etc.

I guess my point is, each of us is different. We connect to things based on our own values. There really is no *should* or *should not* when it comes to recreational firearms. Go with what makes you smile.
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